Buzzsumo Alternatives – Examine On The Internet The Complete Details On Affordable Buzzsumo Solutions.

Marketers are spoiled for choice in terms of content curation..

Buzzsumo Alternatives – Examine On The Internet The Complete Details On Affordable Buzzsumo Solutions.

Marketers are spoiled for choice in terms of content curation and sharing software. This software space is full of platforms that enable you to search through content, filter noise, and analyze the impact of your respective social shares.

Marketers love BuzzSumo, and even for good reason. It gives you content research, social listening, influencer sourcing, and link research all in one place, and lots of this information is free – to a point. Whenever your company needs some thing or distinct from what BuzzSumo offers, it’s time consider alternatives.

We’ve gathered a listing of the most effective BuzzSumo alternatives for many different use cases. Each one of these tools provides some form of “trending content,” feature, but that’s really where the similarities end. When you’re done skimming 14 different social channels for viral content, do your team a favor to check out these options.


EpicBeat is made to curate content, find influencers, and perform social listening tasks. The interface has a lot of features, but continues to be very easy to learn, with filters, charts, and graphs to assist you organize your results. Since it’s mainly a content curation tool, EpicBeat’s focus is finding great content and sharing it directly through your site. It offers integrations for social listening across most platforms, although only Twitter is available with the free level.

The free version also limits anyone to content up to and including month old, but if that’s everything required, it’s free forever. At the premium level, subscribers can observe content lists as old as you year. The website also provides built-in sharing and engagement stats for each and every content asset, to help you easily find one of the most viral content and share it on your platform.

EpicBeat content dashboard


In the same company that owns EpicBeat, EpicTrack is surely an enterprise-level content sharing platform for that data-driven marketer. This software package is a buzzsumo alternatives, but considerably more powerful with incorporating in-depth analytics about how content affects your main point here. By combining your site content aggregation and sharing with site visit data, EpicTrack shows specific ROI for each and every piece of shared content. Which means you can track the immediate negative effects of each post within the same platform where you first discovered or scheduled the share.

As well as giving you an all-in-one tool, EpicTrack dives deeper with Sentiment Analysis and Mention Analytics, each of which are meant to allow you to gauge reader feedback. Sentiment Analysis informs you the tone of comments and shares, to help you react quickly to feedback from customers (both positive and negative) without searching through every mention yourself. Mention Analytics tracks your content authors and filters customer response to suit your needs.

EpicTrack content analysis dashboard


Feedly helps users filter text from feeds, blogs, and web-based magazines depending on the topics and publications you specify. Which could be useful if you’re searching for relevant third-party content to discuss – or, heck, just read – on a daily basis. Although Feedly is built on the Rich Site Summary (RSS) model, it is going far beyond the conventional RSS feed with sharing, suggestions, and over 200 application integrations. Every piece of content is stripped down to its basic text and pictures, filtering out ad noise and sign-up interruptions, which makes reading on Feedly a calming experience.

Feedly’s keyword and social listening functionality is powered by Google Alerts, but the app integration enables you to construct your keyword and mention notifications into your existing content feed. The vast quantity of app integrations means sharing pertinent content with your team or audience is easy. Feedly doesn’t provide much when it comes to analytics on existing or shared content, although the stripped-down feel, mobile app, and simple content discovery tools make this an excellent tool for marketers dedicated to reading and sharing.

Feedly mobile content views


Oktopost is created specially for marketers and social media managers within the B2B space. Together with content discovery formats, your team can connect existing RSS feeds to monitor your most valuable causes of new content. Automation helps streamline your posts sharing by scheduling posts across social platforms and services. Additionally, they offer a browser extension for easy scheduling and sharing.

Because they’re B2B focused, Oktopost integrates website analytics directly into their platform to aid marketers look at the impact of their content. In addition, it integrates with existing CRM and marketing automation platforms including SalesForce, HubSpot, and Marketo. Oktopost builds custom pricing packages tailored for your organization’s needs.

Oktopost social curation dashboard

Sprout Social

As being the name suggests, Sprout Social is actually a social media-focused content curation and sharing tool for marketers. The mixture of discovery and publication capabilities with customer satisfaction and lead tracking makes this an effective tool for small companies and corporations with good social engagement. Analytics and reporting features complete the platform, allowing marketers to prove successful campaigns and show measurable results to stakeholders.

Sprout Social’s strength is in its customer-focused integrations. Direct messages through your social channels are routed on the dashboard, where any authorized users can respond without switching between a number of accounts. Also you can take advantage of the Monitoring feature to follow mentions using a sales focus. Sprout Social offers single user, team, and enterprise editions.

SproutSocial content trends dashboard


The Ahrefs platform is ideal for marketers and social media marketing managers who would like to improve backlinks and relative SEO whilst tracking content and mentions. Ahrefs crawls over 4 billion links each day, which is useful when your strategy relies heavily on backlink building. While those crawlers are out scouring the internet for links, they’re also able to curate a great deal of brand- and keyword-related content for the team to share with you. Every post includes interaction, keyword, backlink, and ranking metrics.

Unlike a lot of the platforms about this list, Ahrefs doesn’t integrate with social channels to directly share or publish content. What it really lacks in sharing capabilities the program makes up for in analytics. Ahrefs is perfect for content managers and SEOs interested in how content and backlinking affects overall site and landing page rankings, but could be confusing at a discount experienced users.

Ahrefs content analytics dashboard

When you’re ready for an alternative choice to BuzzSumo, you may monitor the prosperity of your social posts by searching through channels and switching from platform to platform, or you can save your time and switch to a social media marketing platform that would it all.